Germ Factory

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Anyone interested in getting the flu?  Well, come on down!  You are the next contestant in, “The Virus is Right”!  First it was Jared, then it was Katie, now its Matthew.  All with high fevers and flu-like symptoms.  Cough and fatigue mostly.  I am trying to avoid getting too close to any of them.  It’s hard when you have five in a house.  I am just hoping to avoid it all.

Kids are regular germ factories.  They pick up germs from other kids at school.  Then they bring it home and pass it to us.  You know, I was wondering.  Why is it that pediatricians aren’t sick all the time?  I never see them wearing masks.  What is their secret?

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  1. pediatrician’s secret: Scrupulous hand washing and avoidance of touching their faces. Hands must be washed for at least 20 seconds (count it, it’s Looooong) in hot water and regular (not antibacterial) soap. All the time. Don’t ever touch your face. You will never get sick.

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