Good Product Name? or Not?

My wife needed dish-washing detergent and I found myself in a Walgreen pharmacy.  I spotted the following product on the shelf.

I thought for a second and smiled.  Then I said the word you just said in your head when you saw the picture.  I said it in exactly the same way while bobbing my head.  “Nice!”  Needless to say, I bought it.

Then my wife used the product in the dish washer.  She took a dish out, frowned and looked back at the product.  She was unhappy, tilted her head in annoyance and said, “Nice.”

Is this a good product name or an awful one?  At Marketo, we have a feature called a “Smart List”.  If it wasn’t smart, people would have been pissed.  You can’t set the bar high and then fail to meet expectations.  You can’t call the product Nice if it’s actually lame.  I’d prefer they called it Walgreen’s Detergent.  I wouldn’t be fooled then.  Or (god forbid), they make the product better.  Then it actually would be Nice.  I would buy it and enjoy it.

Think of the names you encounter in products.  How do they manage your expectations?  Is it “Nice!” or “Nice.”?

Whatya think?