Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I can’t decide what I like.  Beard and receding hair or shaved head and face.  What do you think? (Animated GIF below)

It’s less work to have the beard at first, but trimming it can be a pain.  Plus, I hate how I can see my hair going away.  With a shaved head, it’s all gone, so I don’t think of the hair that is especially missing.  The beard gives some interesting definition to my face, but also itches.

7 replies on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”

+1 hairy, looks good

We’re all losing our hair and perhaps to see it reminds us of our mortality, but do you throw away a nice cake because one day it will have been eaten?

Shaving is surrender.

Hair and beard mate, don’t think you suit a shaved head but you could try a shorter beard with a shaved head too? Other option is FUE hair transplant to improve your hairline…something i’ve been thinking about for a while!

Problem is your choices – you either have too much or too little of both. I say short short hair, but not shaved, and maybe a couple days past George Michael on the beard.

Whatya think?