Google Calendar

Google Calendar went into beta the other day. I think the execution is excellent. Very good all around. I am still struggling with the need for an online calendar. Is this better than a date book? I feel that I need the calendar in a PDA that I carry around. Meetings and appointments are usually not at home. At work I have Outlook and there is no way I am going to use Google instead of Outlook. Makes no sense.

I wish PDA’s were cheaper and more resilient. Last night we had 5 guests for dinner from Katie’s family. David (Katie’s cousin) had a camera that you could put in water or drop from 5 feet. I forgot the model, but that is what we need from our cameras and PDAs. More reliability. And they can’t cost a fortune.

I still have not found a decent solution for my PDA needs. Maybe my next phone will be better.

I am starting off to a bad day. My head is all over the place. So distracted. What? Huh? Ugh.

Whatya think?