Cartoon Voices

I am watching cartoons with the boys. We are watching an old cartoon, I used to watch as a kid called Dungeons and Dragons. I heard Eric the Paladin’s voice and thought it was very familiar. So I looked it up on imdb. Check it out. For kicks I looked at what the other voices did with their careers. Surprisingly, all of them had pretty long careers. Some of them had surprising credits.

The voice of the little unicorn is Goddard from Jimmy Neutron and Nibbler from Futurama. Eric was Donny Most (aka Ralph Malph from Happy Days). Hank, the guy with the bow and arrow was Tommy from Eight is Enough. Presto the Magician ended up as Nicholas on Eight is Enough. Coincidence??

Shiela the Thief is Alex from Totally Spies. Venger, the bad guy was the voice of Eyeore in almost every Winnie the Pooh cartoon. Insane, huh?

IMDB is pretty cool. Jimmy Neutron is a chick. Cindy Vortex is Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob. Mrs. Fowl is Andrea Martin from SCTV! Holy Crap, Carl Weezer has over 250 credits. He was half the voices of the Transformers and Raphael from TNMT.

Man, this could go on all day. It’s amazing to look around that site.

Whatya think?