GotoMeeting Strange Sentence

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Open a new GotoMeeting meeting. Now, dial in with your phone. After you put in the meeting number you should hear the following sentence.

You will no longer hear beeps until someone else joins the conference.

What does that mean?

Did people used to hear beeps until someone joined the conference and now they don’t? Is this a thing? Do people miss the beeps? Why are they gone?

Isn’t that an odd thing to say? Besides, what is wrong with beeps? I like to know that the silence isn’t because of a disconnection as I wait for the other attendees. If my interpretation is correct, I would suggest the following sentence instead:

You have joined the conference. Ill be quiet until someone else joins.

Isn’t that better?



  1. Hi Glen, congratulations on the excellent name. There used to be “beeps/chimes” while waiting for someone else to join the call. Some people hated them (a lot), and now that they are disabled by default others are missing them and want them back. Rule of thumb, you can’t please everyone.


    1. I understand that some like/hate it. Still, I would still change the sentence. It doesn’t sound right and everyone “new” has no idea what you are saying.

      My suggestion stands. If you feel compelled to mention how it used to be… “You have joined the conference. We used to have beeps keep you company, but we are going to stay quiet instead.”

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