Halloween 2015

It’s been getting harder and harder to get dressed up for Halloween. It used to be so easy, I looked forward to dressing up each year. I think it’s because the kids are getting older and don’t want to trick or treat with me anymore. Maybe it’s just because I am getting old and my inner child has been neglected.

This year, I have been working on a project called Mercury, so I decided to be Freddie Mercury. Mustache and all. It’s not a great look for me. (Today is the “dress up day” at work – why wasn’t it tomorrow you ask? No idea. Boggle.)

Me as Freddie Mercury

Well, no guts, no glory, right?

Anyway, I’ve got the white pants and everything. I need to keep the stache until Saturday for official Halloween trick or treating. I think my youngest will want me to go with him for some of the time. This seems to be the last year though. The older ones are more interested in going with their friends.

They grow up so fast. I got old so fast. It’s all happening so fast. Blink your eyes and a decade is gone. Savor the moment.

On a side note, I usually am one of the few people in product development who gets dressed up. Makes me sad.


Whatya think?