Halloween. We left the house for a solid 90 minutes of trick or treating fun. Ethan and Jared ran, sprinted, from house to house. Matthew running as fast as his little frog legs would carry him in pursuit. Matthew was screaming, “TREAT! TREAT! TREAT!” He would climb up the 3 stairs to the door as quickly as he could scramble. Then he would reach out between 4-5 kids and start opening and closing his frog webbed hand. “TREAT! TREAT!” If no treat was forthcoming, then he would step over the welcome mat and enter the house. Finally after receiving his treat he would step down and say, “tankew”. I then grabbed his hand, helped him down the steps and walked him to the stroller. I said, “Put the candy in the bag. Now. Drop it! Drop it Matthew!” He would reluctantly drop the candy and frown. I could see him thinking, “Why do I get the candy, if I have to put it in this bag. I want to EAT the candy.”

Then Ethan and Jared would be running and Matthew would catch sight of them and start going too. The whole scene was repeated 30 times or more.

The boys were so happy, running up and down the street. Finally the bags were too heavy, stuffed with the booty of the night. We headed home. That is where we encountered our “Trick”. Someone had smashed all of our pumpkins. Ethan said, “Who would do such a thing??” Then he started to cry. I tried to explain that some people were jealous of our pumpkin carving abilities and wanted to hurt the pumpkins. It was a lesson in jealousy. (I hope).

We had a few trick or treaters, but of course, we had a ton of candy left over. I think we need to throw it away. We should give out dollar bills. Considering the amount of traffic we had, it would have saved money.

The next morning, we had a Treat! On the doorstep was two new carved pumpkins from our neighbors! Ethan was elated. Trick and Treat. It was an exciting day. Check out http://pictures.kokopop.com to see our outfits.

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