Happy New Year 2006

A quick note on Flickr. I have completely lost the faith. In general, it is a good service. The problem is that it doesn’t scale. We have 2500 pictures from 1999-2005. Flickr only gives you the option of creating sets on one level. The way it renders these pages is just not effective when you have 500 pictures in a set. And there is no way to create “sub-sets”. I am going to continue uploading to create a backup, but I will stick with Jalbum for our primary sharing until Flickr improves this feature. I should post it in the forums. Sub-sets!

Top ten 2006 predictions:

  1. Democrats will make gains in November, but not take over either branch of congress.
  2. Microsoft stock will slowly rise over the course of the year due to sales of their developer tools, xBox 360 and anticipation of Vista. (February, 2007)
  3. Sirius and XM satellite radio will lower their subscription prices near the end of the year in time for the holidays.
  4. The Jets will draft someone who plays horrible until he leaves the Jets, at which point he will become great.
  5. The Jets will win the superbowl. This time FOR REAL!
  6. I will start a new job at Intuit. (Fairly certain of this one. I will add more about this next week.)
  7. Matthew will be firmly entrenched all year in the terrible twos.
  8. Jared and Ethan will master swimming at the YMCA.
  9. Soldiers will continue dying in Iraq.
  10. The Lipka family will enjoy a banner year of happiness and joy.

Happy New Year to all!

Whatya think?