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My god, online photo sharing is a complex landscape. There are literally a hundred choices.

What I really want is to use JAlbum or Picasa or other tool to make the album itself locally on my PC. Then I want to upload it (automatically) to an online service. My issue is that all of these services demand you use their html.

Maybe I am going about this wrong. If JAlbum is free and makes great albums, then what are my real goals?

  1. Backup. I need offsite disaster recovery. If I lose these photos I will be incredibly upset. And Katie will kill me.
  2. Bandwidth. I don’t want to host the bandwidth of the server and lessen the quality of Vonage.
  3. Servers. I really don’t want to manage servers anymore. This actually includes my resume site and my/katie’s blog.

I have just had a revelation. I don’t want a photo sharing site at all. I want a hosting service that gives me 5-10 gigs of space. I think I can manage the DNS to point the right domains at the right URL. And I need FTP of course.

I think that after I get rid of my email server, I could move my local storage to my workstation, then I could get rid of my file server. Let’s say I sell them for $250 each? That would pay for years of hosting. Hmm, I need to do research now on hosting. Opinions?

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