Happy New Year

Back to work.  Learning more and more about online advertising.  Reading The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords.  It's really poorly written.  I don't suggest it.  But I am gleaning info.  I really need to become more proficient.  Andy uses Adwords alot.  I wonder if this link to his Teleco telephone installation company website helps his pagerank?  PageRank is super complicated.  They should have a major in college on Google-ology.

Also, the Jets now have to get back to work.  They made the playoffs!  I am very proud of them.  Good job to the whole team.  Their first round is against the dreaded Patriots.  Booooooo!  We beat em once, we can do it again.  Stay focused guys.  You can do it!  One game at a time.  I am very happy though.   If they get to the superbowl, I am going to flip!  On a sour note, the Denver Broncos (fans include Jared and my friend Sean) did not make the playoffs.  Really a shame.  They had started off the season SO well.

New Years resolutions:
1. Start biking to work when it gets warmer. (April 1)
2. Buy Vista for my PC and Katie's. (Couple of weeks)
3. Upgrade to DVR/HD in the living room.  Need to wait for the next-gen of the box.
4. Use "Masterful Conversations" techniques with Katie more often.
5. Teach Matt to ride a bike.  Teach Ethan and Jared to throw a ball.  Try not to give Matt away to the circus.
6. Reduce my "fuse" with the kids.
7. Lose 10 lbs.
8. Grow and maintain a beard.
9. Play tennis much more often.
10. Design the most kick ass marketing extranet ever.

Whatya think?