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I have never used Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 for UX design before.  It's actually quite an improvement over the 2003 version.  The ability to manage styles so easily really has made using it a pleasure for my task, which is UX Design.  I have literally designed a major portion of the Marketo app in record time using it.  Previously, I have used Visio to do the job.  But the problem with Visio is the complete lack of "story board" type interaction.  Each screen is a frozen moment and you need to change to a new tab to move on.  It's very "page" oriented.  Conversely, PowerPoint is grounded in the storyboard concept.  So making a more Web 2.0 app is much simpler.  Also, the 2007 version has better tools to draw with.

My only complain is the lack of UI template objects I can drop in.  Visio has tons of these.  I don't know why PowerPoint couldn't use them.

I think there may be a way of doing this, but I don't know how.  I want to include the contents of one slide on many of the others.  Like the header.  I don't want to have to fix the header in 200 places every time something changes.  It makes PowerPoint a little more object-oriented.  I wonder if its possible.

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  1. If you want something on every slide, you can just it to the “master slide” than it will be on every one. And if you want to change it, you just change it one and poof, there it is.

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