No Prediction

I just looked back over the last few months of blogging.  No prediction of the Jets winning the Superbowl this year.  This was the closest I got.  Staggering.  Look at last years prediction.  And the year before!   And another (last sentence, but mostly a funny story)!

Seriously, look at that.  God NEVER told me the Jets will win the superbowl this season.  Do you think this is how God works?  He reads my blog and whatever I say, he does the opposite?  I did predict the Jets would beat the Patriots this season.  Hmm, something strange is afoot.

I don't want to Jinx it.  Just in case.  No Prediction.

I do want to say though that 2006 was a pleasant year.  The boys are so much fun and Katie is a wonderful wife.  This holiday season Katie took care of everything.  She even let me, with 12 people in the house, have dinner on the couch staring at the Jets beat the Dolphins.  Oooh, almost forgot, Daniel came to visit us!  It was a wonderful new years gift.  All the boys love him.  We had breakfast at Stacks.  Matthew is such a terror and so cute all at the same time.  Things are good.  Let's see how the Jets do.  If they win, they make the playoffs.

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