Head of Magic (Startup Motivation)

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I don’t work at a startup to make money for the company.
I try to make money for the company so I can work at a startup.

The opportunity to make something new, solve a problem in a new way, change how people do their jobs is what I work for.

Innovation is a word that means alot to me, but it goes beyond that. Startup are the essence of potential. It’s like a baby. That baby may cure cancer one day, maybe President of the United States. Startups also have unlimited potential.

The key question I ask myself at a startup is “What if…”

  • What if we thought about the world differently?
  • What if things that were true yesterday stopped being true tomorrow?
  • What if the world had a better mousetrap, what would that mean?
  • What if we worked differently?
  • What if we built things differently?
  • What if we treated each other differently?

What if…

I am not shy about changing the world. I see alot of problems that can be made better. I am an idealist and a realist. I am a progressive and a capitalist. I am a humanist and a pragmatist. I am a champion for consistency and a hero for change. I defy labels.

I don’t want to have a normal title and I don’t want to work in a normal way. I want to work with similar people. I took the title Head of Magic because I don’t want to separate PM and UX. I wan to hire magicians, sorcerers, wizards and creative leaders who wield their powers for the common good.

What if UX designers learned how to product manage? What if PMs learned to design better?

I work at a startup because these questions can be asked. The answers may work out or not, but at least the ideas get a chance.


Whatya think?