Hiring UX Designer (Marketo)

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Marketo is growing on all fronts. ¬†As the engineering team grows, their appetite for more shovel-ready projects increases too. ¬†Thus, the design team needs to scale. ¬†I am looking for a UX Designer who can run design¬†initiatives¬†within a fast-paced multi-disciplinary¬†environment. ¬†That’s greek for “lots of people all talking at once”.

The company has something special going on.  The product delights customers and changes their entire approach to what the marketing department should do.  What Salesforce did for the sales departments, Marketo is doing for marketing departments and the sales team is the primary beneficiary.   This is a B2B product that has a design flair, sense of humor and creative implementation that completely changed the landscape of the industry.

I’ve worked on many products over the years that I thought were uninspiring. ¬†Marketo inspires me and I think it is a fantastic place for a designer to make an impact. ¬†If you or someone you know is interested, click the Contact Glen link and I can tell you about the company and my design philosophy.


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