Holiday Cheer

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The holidays went without a hitch. Everyone was happy. The boys had their orgy of sugar, fat, family and presents. They watched holiday stop-motion animation. They rode their new bikes, we played tennis. It rained and drizzled alot of the time. Ben, Darcie and Claire stayed over. Matt and Claire got along well.

Overall, a low stress and pleasant holiday weekend.

I got some shirts, a headset I am going to use with Skype, and a keychain. I got Katie a new canister vacuum cleaner and Netflix and a date on Thursday to see Pride and Prejudice at the San Jose Rep. (Babysitting included)

My head is filled to the brim with stuff. Making it hard to blog. Some shorts:
1. Vista is just not baked yet. I can’t even get it to work for 48 hours without crashing.
2. Windows XP 64-bit is just not “faster” than Windows 32-bit. And all my software doesn’t work.
3. I am debating installing Movable Type. It is a powerful blog editing program. I am not sure if I want to do this. Looks like it runs Perl MySQL and maybe PHP. Ok forget it. I am not installing this. WordPress looks like the same stack. I would consider a version. Hmm, do I even have a database on that machine?
4. An alternative to Flickr. For $25 a year, I could upload ALL of my originals to Flickr. Right now my pictures are not being backed up, so maybe this kind of service is a good idea. Plus this makes the bandwidth, not our problem. Although the pictures would be public. Is this a problem?

Other stuff on my mind, but this is enough for now.

Whatya think?