I Miss Defrag

For the old folks…remember Windows 95.  It used a FAT file system, not the more modern NTFS (for Windows).  It needed to be defragged to run at optimal speeds.  I loved the entire idea of a defrag.  It was like cleaning up a room, putting each thing in it’s place.


I would watch it work and it would sooth my mind.  Everything in it’s place.

Sometimes I think about my own brain and how it needs to defrag sometimes. It speeds up thought for the next few days.  I was just staring out the window and realized my brain started to defrag.

We can’t be productive 100% of the time.  We need to put thoughts into perspective and order.

Now with NTFS, of course, we don’t need defrag.  It has left, never to return.  I miss it though.  I miss feeling that the computer and I have cleaned up and can run faster.

We have things, then they are gone.  The world invents new things.  Time marches on.


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