Idealism in your job

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There are lots of people who can do a particular job.  Sometimes, however, one gets a new idea.  The idea is how you can do that job better, more effectively and more enjoyably.  The idea is important.

Most companies make that idea difficult to implement.  It stays on the shelf with lots of other good ideas and rots there.  Eventually you get jaded and say, ‘Ideas rock the boat.  Just move forward and one day I will be charge and can bring back that idea”.  And of course, once you are in power, you have long forgotten that idea, or it is so outdated that it makes a mess trying to implement it.

Personally, I try to stay an idealist.  I am OK with rocking the boat.  I have ideas and I cherish them.  I look at the world and say, “I have this idea, and I just need a chance”.

Ideas change the world.

In interviews, I tell people that Marketo is a place where ideas can flourish.  Where someone with an idea could find a home there and make it happen.  Think about the idea you have.  Is it on the shelf or are you making it reality?

Marketo is hiring.  We are interested in your ideas.



  1. Glen – I pushed the Community Manager job posting out to a few resources, hopefully that will get you a candidate or two.

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