Ingredients for Success

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Here are a couple of categories that will help you get recognition, raises, promotions, monetary rewards and all your dreams come true.

Technical Skill
For whatever you do, there are specific technical aspects to it.  There is craft in every job.  If you know your craft better, if you are more technically skilled, it will contribute to your success.

Many employers and managers will judge you based on your impact on others.  It’s not enough to just do a good job.  You have to impact other people.  How much time do you spend helping others succeed?  Find ways to spend MORE time doing that and you will reap rewards.

I actually wrote a whole post on that.  Different kinds of leadership.

You don’t get rewards if you don’t create fans.  Sometimes you just need to help and hope they will sing your praises. Other times you may be a little forward and ask them for a LinkedIn recommendation.   The point is to understand that fans matter.  If someone doesn’t like you, you should work on that relationship.  Enemies are not helpful in getting raises.

There are obviously more, but these are the ones I am thinking about right now.

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