Internet Explorer 8

I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 to install.  It gave me an error saying, “IE8 is not supported on this operating system.”  I am running Vista.  Seriously?  It doesn’t work on Vista??  What OS are they using over there?  Vista is the latest.  Are they really using XP?

Man, Microsoft needs to work on Vista.  This is just plain vanilla bullshit.  It’s slow and has problems.  Let’s go people!

I am not terribly excited for IE.  Just more messed up browser contradictions.  Now I have to deal with people using IE6, IE7 and IE8.  The standalone versions don’t work right.  Testing is a hassle.  Yuck

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I was just telling someone the other day (when news of the beta release broke) that the nicest benefit of using FF/Safari exclusively for day-to-day work is that I don’t have to _care_ when IE vNext is released until my clients start caring.

At the moment, “apathy” is the word of the day. Call me when the final release hits store shelves and I’ll reconsider.

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