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The Jets have made some great free agency moves.  My general philosophy is that a team lives and dies on the line.  O-line got improved with Alan Faneca.  I expect D’Brick and Mangold to improve dramatically with Faneca in between them.  They need his veteran presence.  This will lead to Thomas Jones (RB) to having a break-out season running behind these guys.  In fact, he gets another great blocker with Tony Richardson as Full back. Jones must feel like he is the luckiest guy in the world.  I am predicting a 1500+ year season.  I also expect QB Clemens to have a better year with better protection, although I have my doubts he can step up.

They also signed Linebacker Calvin Pace and O-Lineman Damien Woody. More great news.  Pace should do well in the 3-4 defense the Jets are trying to install.  Jonathan Vilma is gone for draft picks but he was disgruntled anyway.

Hopefully, the Jets will have a good Draft.  They still need help at many positions.  I am hopeful.

Other good news is the new Jets stadium. Oh wait, I mean the new Giants stadium.  God, I hope they don’t plaster GIANTS STADIUM over the whole thing.  That would stink.

I predict the 2008-2009  New York Jets season will be breakthrough.

Happy Birthday Daniel!  Are you 30 now?


  1. Niw wiem co Wy widzicie w tym futbolu ? niech mi ktos to wyjasni ,bo nie bardzo rozumiem.sorry nie znam angielskiego na tyle by poprawnie sie tu na forum wyrazic-pozdrawiam Les

  2. Google has some really cool stuff. I put the above comment into the Google Translator.
    I tried a bunch of different languages and finally found out that this is polish.
    Here is the translation from Google:

    “Niw I know what you see in this football? Let me someone is made clear, because not very rozumiem.sorry I do not know enough English to properly here on the forum Express-greet Les”

    Thanks Les.
    They also have this translation tools.,bo+nie+bardzo+rozumiem.sorry+nie+znam+angielskiego+na+tyle+by+poprawnie+sie+tu+na+forum+wyrazic-pozdrawiam+Les

    I might even suggest that you could run your own polish through the translator and then copy/paste it. 🙂

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