Jets and Microsoft

The Jets lost, but they had a great season.  Very young team.  I am anticipating a good draft and a strong season next year.  I am very happy with their performance.  I am happy to make the prediction now.  Next year, the Jets will win the Superbowl.

I have been stressing out over Microsoft lately.  I tried to help install Exchange 2007 last Friday and it barfed on me.  Apparently, Exchange 2007 does no support 32-bit Windows 2003.  What the hell is that??  64-bit only is annoying to the extreme.  Nothing else works in 64-bit, so Microsoft is going to cause A) no one buying Exchange 2007 and B) spending alot more money for those who do.  Boo.

Also, I broke down and bought Microsoft Vista Home Premium Upgrades pre-order for Katie and myself.  I am so annoyed with it.  The beta stopped working and I can't get a license until the end of the month.

I purchased a USB 2.0 HD enclosure and will put one of the IDE 120G drives in it.  The reason is that Katie's machine needs faster access to the music and picture files and the wireless is just too slow.  I will put all the originals there and just back it up periodically.  This will also allow me to wipe my machine completely and get rid of waste.

So much to do, so little time.

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You know, sounds like a lot of work. You could buy an apple and take it right out of the box and plug it in. They got this program called iPhoto and all kinds of other cool gadgets. Great stuff though 😉

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