Exchange 2007

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Microsoft, I believe, has made a mistake.  The new version of Exchange 2007 ONLY runs on 64-bit operating systems.  As someone who has installed Windows 64-bit edition, I can say, "It sucks."  Nothing works right.  Drivers are jacked.  Programs don't work.  Microsoft expects everyone who runs Exchange to do so on a brand new machine with nothing else running on it.

I did have the opportunity to use the new Exchange mail server, and I am impressed with the new UI and improved productivity.  But, we can not use it here at work because of the 64-bit nonsense.  Additionally, they have yanked all the Exchange 2003 information.  So I can't download the evaluation version of it.  I am really getting annoyed with Microsoft these days.

I can't switch to Linux though.  I am so invested in Microsoft.  I am just sick to death of the whole thing.  Maybe Microsoft needs to be regulated like a utility.

Whatya think?