Picasa Plan Part Three

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Check out this: http://picasaweb.google.com/glenlipka

Ok, so it would cost me for the storage.  They have a really crappy deal in comparison to Flickr.  But I am REALLY happy with the way Picasa integrates with it.  I can add captions or fix red-eye and upload JUST that one single photo and the thumbnail would fix itself.

The only downsides are 1) the cost and 2) no folders.  SO I would basically upload all of the photos flat in the home directory.  I wonder if that would look like crap?

Is it worth the money?  I would basically be looking at $25/year for 6.25 gigs.  I think I need more space than that, but probably would be fine if I started deleting lame pix.

Whatya think?