John Jay

I finished “From Beirut to Jerusalem“. Good book. It was well written and gave insightful analysis into the Middle East. I appreciate the current situation in the middle east more now. The withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon makes more sense. I also think the results of that withdrawal may be ugly.

My new book is John Jay. The book is pretty short, but I really wanted someone to write this book. Every American History book mentions Jay a million times, but he always gets the historical cold shoulder. He was a significant player in every stage of the creation of the US. He should have more statues and more schools named after him. The book’s writing is lacking a little, but I don’t care. John Jay deserves at least one biography in the last 70 years and this is it, for better or worse.

Lately I have been using Excel. I love Excel. I don’t know what the question is, but the answer, is Excel.

Whatya think?