Short Takes

  • Matthew is cutting his first tooth.
  • Jared has a boo-boo on his toe. Looks AWFUL! Ugh!
  • Work is alot of work the last week. The company is in the throes of birthing its first re-usable product. The basics looks great but needs a few more iterations. I am excited about it actually. The energy of creation is so inspiring to me. I literally have been on my feet for 10+ hours a day non-stop. (Which is why I missed a few days of Blogging.
  • Daniel is visiting the Bay Area. I am excited to see him.
  • Ethan SWAM UNDERWATER for 10 feet. He is kicking butt swimming.
  • We are going to get a good refund for taxes. We really need it too.
  • We signed the contract with our broker to put the house on the market, May 2. We need to find a place to move, stage the house. Very stressful, very exciting!
  • Gotta go!!!
  • Whatya think?