Leap of Faith

This story requires you look at the Bart Train Map.

I got on the train at Montgomery Street, the yellow line, also known as the Pittsburg Pay Point train. When I got to Oakland City Center, I transferred across the platform to the Richmond line. (My destination was El Cerito Del Norte.)

All was going well until I went to call Katie and noticed that I didn’t have my phone. Quick mental calculus made me realize I must have had my phone on my lap and when I went to transfer trains across the platform, my phone fell on the floor of the other train. My mind was racing, I looked up and saw people getting on and off at 19th Street in Oakland. I leaped up and lunged for the door. My original train was on the other side of the platform. (This is the second of three stops where the trains run parallel.) I realized I just left my bag on the seat, But It was too late, I had to continue. I ran across the platform and leapt into the original train right as the doors were shutting.

Am I on the right car?? I looked around and started to panic. Where was I sitting? I started looking around. The train was slowing up to MacArthur. This was my last chance. I was crawling on the floor looking for my phone, when I saw a sliver of silver. There it is, under that big guy! I went for it, with no hesitation, grabbed the phone as people were stepping over me to get off the train. Got it! I jumped up and ran for the door. I could hear the little bing, bing tone saying the train is about to leave. Dashing across the platform, I got back on the Richmond train.

Phone in hand, slightly out of breath, I saw my seat and my bag waiting patiently for me where I left them. As I sat down an older woman looked at me with pity and said, “You don’t know WHERE you are going, do you?”

All I could think about was what would I do if I got caught on the platform, with my cell phone going to Pittsburg Bay Point and my bag going to Richmond and me going no where. Lesson: All’s well that ends well.

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