This is my idea for a cool site that would help alot of people.  The URL is available now: jsFrameworks.com.  It would have sections for all the javascript frameworks.  The idea is to have similar or identical challenges with the different implementations from the different JS Framework communities.  So, for example, there would be a challenge to have a table with alternating colors for the rows.  (See example)  Then a developer could compare apples-to-apples for each challenge.  Also, it would allow a developer to switch between one framework and another.  They would have a rosetta stone.  It would be real world documentation helping ALL the developers.

I could register it and host it, but I am wondering about which technology to use to make it work.  A wiki?  Ideally I could use someething that has a "instant installer" at POWWEB.  Anyone have an idea what to use to make that work?  If it was a wiki, how could I make each page call the right JS include?  Each page should include JUST what it needs to meet the challenge.  Plus, I don’t want to break challenges with new versions of the frameworks.  Maybe they SHOULD break the challenges.  Hmm.

In other news:  I stepped on the scale this morning and weigh 206 lbs.  That is my lifetime high for weight.  Yuck.  I need to stop eating.

Whatya think?