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I used to slam LinkedIn for being too complicated.  It was so hard to just get up and running because you needed to know everyone’s email.  However, after using it for a little while, it has grown on me.  It has nice features and a crisp design.  Several UX things they do, I have adopted into my own approach.  For example, they have this area when you login that tells you what you should do next, like add another job, or get another recommendation.  It even gives you feedback like 75% complete to give you a sense of how much more there is to go.

In general, I have come to like it very much.  This probably means that it has a steep learning curve.  SO for anyone who doesn’t like it, I would suggest that you may be in the early curve stage.  I think it hits it’s sweet spot for power users.  The whole thing reminds me of "The Tipping Point".  It shows you who the "connectors" are.

My profile is here.  My one UX suggestion to LinkedIn would be to up the number of "connections" someone can display.  Right now it peaks at 500.  I’d like to see who has 10,000!  Also, I wonder about people I "connected" with whom I really don’t know.  Makes me feel a little fake.


Whatya think?