Kid Status Update

Jared: Almost 4. Making all kinds of expressive gestures. Shrugging his shoulders, wrinkling his brow. (Furrowing?) We are not sure where to have his birthday. He wants Chuck E. Cheese, but Katie thinks it might be geared for kids a little older. Jared is throwing a football with pretty good form. He weighs 37 lbs and can not seem to eat anything. When he is 40 lbs, we will give him the smaller car seat.

Ethan: Ethan read Dick and Jane, a 140 page book. He is reading and writing better each day. He is growing taller I think too. I heard him arguing with Jared over wearing pull-ups and despite the potential for feeling really bad about it, he kept his cool and confidence. He smiles so goofy. Ethan is playing tennis pretty well, I think. Although his form is terrible. He weighs 45lbs. Skinny, like I was.

Matt: apparently, he is in a growth spurt. All the sudden he is eating eating eating. His vocabulary is getting really large. He knows all kinds of words and can mimic almost any word. He is trying to communicate too, repeating one phrase over and over until you get it. His favorite word these days is Uppie! He repeats that over and over, getting louder and louder. When we drove to Penny/Jim’s house he calls out, “JIM!” He is so cute. Lots of teeth. Still missing a few.

I love them all, but I think I am done. No mas, no mas. Maybe I should get “Fixed”. Can you reconnect the tubes after getting spayed? What if Katie dies of stress and I marry a 21 year old cheerleader? I am sure the chippy would want to have new babies. Hmm, maybe I should just freeze some of my swimmers like Walt Disney’s head. Do you have to pay rent for that? Hmm. The joys of parenthood.

Whatya think?