LinkedIn Loose Connections

Linked does not care if you know the people you are connected with.  Look at this screen they just put in front of me.

Add 381 connections!!  I don’t know those people! LinkedIn is saying to me, “Hey, why don’t you send out 381 emails to people you don’t know asking to connect?” I guarantee that other people click this button all the time. LinkedIn is making a mockery of what a connection is. It’s not someone you know. It’s meaningless.

I don’t even understand the point anymore. If everyone is connected to everyone, then NO CONNECTIONS MATTER!

LinkedIn needs to introduce multiple levels of connections.

  1. Who dis? – people like the 381. I don’t remember shaking their hand at that conference that one time in 2011.
  2. Acquaintance – you recognize them, you remember them, and you would say hello if you saw them in a bar.
  3. BFF – people you recommend or can make an introduction to.

They can change the names if they want, but the levels make sense.


I think LinkedIn is making a terrible mistake with screens like this.  They are devaluing their own crown jewels. The work social network is not twitter followers.


Whatya think?