More (Unfortunate) Thoughts on Self-Driving Cars

I think the first big markets to pick up self-driving cars will be Long Haul Trucks and Taxi-Cabs.

Long Haul Trucks
It makes sense to transform shipping into a robotic effort. It’s cheaper and safer. However, I see one flaw.

People are assholes. – Glen

There was this robotic hitchhiker experiment where the little guy would travel around the united states. 2 weeks in, he was found decapitated in the woods. People are assholes. Not all people. Some people are assholes.

If there were self-driving 18-wheel trucks, some people would want to derail them or even hijack them. In fact, it would likely be the teamsters who are put out of work who would sabotage the new trucks. The solution is kind of stupid. You hire the teamsters who were put out of work to “guard” the trucks. So basically, these people would create jobs for themselves. They would say, “It would be a real shame if your self-driving truck was hijacked. Real shame indeed. You need our protection.”

I believe people would be terrible to the self-driving cars for the same reason they are terrible on twitter. It’s anonymous. People would not feel nearly the same shame from hurting a robot as they do with human beings.

This seems like a no brainer for Uber and Lyft. However, the same problem is going to happen. People will defecate and throw up in the car. They will break the windows and draw on the seats. They will spill their sodas on purpose because they will have no respect for the cab. It’s not owned by a human being. Not everyone will be rude, but enough people will ruin it for everyone else.

Of course, you can have the exact same solution. You hire someone to be a guard of the tax which is stupid. Why are we like this? What is wrong with us?  We are literally the worst.

If robots kill us all, they will likely have VERY good reasons. It’s because we are assholes. They will likely say, either you “people” start being nice or we are going to treat you like pets and put leashes on you.

We are so close to nanobot swarm conscious transferring virtual reality where we can all be gods. Can we please just keep it together for a few more decades? Please? Stop voting for numbskulls. Stop polluting. Stop killing each other. Man, we suck.

Whatya think?