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Designing a logo is never easy. After a while every single logo looks the same. You start playing that game where you are trying to tell the difference between 18 different kinds of the letter g. Serif, sans, friendly, edges, the options are endless.

Finding a logo is like searching for a black cat in a dark room that is filled with small dogs. – Glen Lipka

There is never a right answer. Although there are logos that people think are great and others people think are terrible, the reality is that there is no perfect logo for your company.

My method is to explore many fonts and get an “idea”. Something that jumps out at me and says, “I am interesting.” You have to listen carefully, the voice may be quiet, like a mouse. The “idea” says something about your company in a quirky way. Like how FedEx has the arrow (movement) or Amazon.com has the other arrow (quirky company that sells everything from A-Z).



I love these two logos. Great use of negative space, great readability and works well with the company culture, brand and mission. I like to look for those elements.

I know I’m finished when I literally can’t see the difference anymore. That’s the time to pick the best one and go with it. One thing I suggest is to blog about the process. It helps your market to understand what went into the process. Don’t throw away the logos you made. I want to see the evolution. Don’t you?


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