Lost and Found

We went to see Stanford yesterday and had a nice time. As we were going back to the car I realized my car keys were missing. After my heart started again, we decided the kids (Abigail, Matthew, Jared, and Gramma Susu) would stay with the car in a shady area and Bapu and I would re-trace our steps.

We got the police to help us and started walking and walking and scanning the ground. It wasn’t in the big church (we had to get the police to open up the doors). It wasn’t at Jamba Juice or the Student Union. It wasn’t on the ground. It wasn’t in the bookstore. I called Katie and told her the bad news. She said, we also lost the spare set. She started looking for the spare set.

After nearly giving up, she calls and says she found the spare set and she found her lost wedding ring. I tell her to get over to Stanford (Caltrain to cab) with the spare set. Then we decide to have dinner at the campus while we are waiting. Nice campus by the way.

So Bapu sits down on a stone ledge because he is tired. I am standing near him with my hand on the ledge talking. We chit chat for a while, 5 minutes. Then there is that lull in the conversion. I look down at my hand and 3 inches away are my keys. I instantly snatch them up, thinking this might be a mirage and I need to snatch it out of the dream world into the real world quickly.

I call Katie, who almost got on the Caltrain. We found it! We got back to the car where the kids were playing nicely. A quick drive to CPK and we were back to normal.

Then today was Ethan’s first day of school. Where is the camera?? Oh no. So we look and look and then give up. I am thinking about how many good pix were on that camera. I am about to go to work and then Katie says, “Try the stroller!”. Lo and Behold, the camera was there!

So in a rough weekend of lost and found, we lost and found lots of things.
Bapu, Abigail and Susu are leaving today to go back to the east coast. Ethan is in his first day of kindergarten. I am feeling drained, but very content.

All’s well that ends well.

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Never a dull moment! Good luck to Ethan in kindergarten. I wonder how many girls he will hit on his first day??? NANA

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