Mac Attack

Six months ago many industry analysts predicted the demise of Apple after they posted a 700 million dollar loss. Many thought that they were ripe for a hostile takeover. Recent events have saved Apple from the brink of destruction and set them on the road to a fabulous comeback.

After licensing the technical info for the Mac platform, companies have sprouted up selling Mac clones. Power Computing has taken an aggressive stance by offering incredibly powerful PowerPCs well under Apple’s prices. By offering systems up to 225 mhtz with 8 megs of VRam, in customizable configurations, Power Computing gives users something that we never had in the Mac platform: Choices.

Previously, Apple was the only game in town for hardware and the Operating System. It left potential customers feeling a lack of choice and a wariness to putting all of their eggs in one basket. In addition to Power Computing and others like Radius, Motorola itself, maker of the PowerPC chip, will start selling Mac Clones.

And speaking of choices, the OS is fair game in this new Mac world. Be, the creators of the BeBox are releasing a new Operating System for the Mac. This will be the first time anything runs on the Mac not created in the Apple Labs. Be gives even more choice to potential customers thinking about buying a Mac.

Given all of these new choices that have only recently developed and the new Internet strategy being pursued by Apple, it seems that Mac has come back from a crushing loss early this year and may actually gain in popularity.

I hope that Macs get onto more desktops, forcing Microsoft to speed up its Windows development schedule. I think the reason that programs get improved is because of strong competition and choices. This is exactly what makes the internet great and what Apple needs.

Whatya think?