VB on the Web

Lately the research I’ve been doing has to do with Visual Basic and its Web potential as opposed to Perl or C. Visual basic is much easier to learn and it seems that most programmers have frowned upon it for no other reason than its lack of complexity.

I have been searching through a plethora of sites finding the information on the subject and surprisingly there is very little for VB on the web but literally tons of info on VB for Windows.

VB can be used on an NT server regardless of the user’s platform and considering its ease of use and strong user base, VB is a perfect alternative to PERL or C on the web.

I have received many different clues in my search for the easiest way to learn how to actually do this, and I’m making progress. Here are some of the sites which have been offering the most help.

Carl & Gary’s Visual Basic Home Page
CGI Visual Basic
Microsoft SiteBuilder Workshop

From what I’ve gathered, Microsoft is releasing VB 5.0 soon (next month) and supporting a higher level of internet support. The technology is all over the place now, but it seems Microsoft is pulling together many of the pieces and will launch a unified VB/CGI strategy.

This may be construed as Microsoft taking a first step to replacing PERL with VB as the scripting language of choice on servers and of course the first step to replacing unix servers with Microsoft NT servers. Smart plan.

Personally I don’t care what server software I’m on. My only concern is the easiest possible programming environment. I want to program interactive web sites without having to go to graduate school. And I think I’m not alone.

To be continued…

Whatya think?