Make Something Great Again

I’ve seen two advertisements leveraging this Donald Trump meme.  One was a billboard on 101 that stated “Make your data great again!” and today, I got this email that proclaimed, “Make your events great again!”

Both times I saw the ad, Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan came to mind along with a bunch of questions such as:

  1. Are they supporting Donald Trump with this advertisement?
  2. When was data (or events) great in the past?
  3. How did they get NOT great?
  4. What drove the change in the first place?
  5. Is putting it the way it used to be going to have unintended consequences?
  6. Why are marketing departments thinking this is a good idea?

To be fair, most people saw the sign and thought, “Whatever” and moved on with their lives. I am cursed with trait of overthinking every single thing I see/hear/experience.

To be specific for Donald Trump, I believe this slogan is code. It’s code for “Let’s support white men at the expense of minorities and women.” I think that it’s code for rolling back abortion rights, business regulations, civil rights and the economy to the 1950’s. Back in the glory days of white men owning everything and businesses running amok.

I don’t think Donald Trump means back to when we had an actual progressive tax code (FDR) and the government spent money on the arts and infrastructure. I don’t think he means to take us back to Teddy Roosevelt and trust busting. I think he means the 1950’s.

Anyway, marketers should get more creative. This slogan sucks.

3 replies on “Make Something Great Again”

The 1050’s – when England was for Anglo-Saxons, and there was none of these frenchified Normans running around. Istanbul was still Constantinople and there was no printing press to give the common people bad ideas. When knights were knights and the dreaded longbow hadn’t ruined everything. Aaah, the 1050’s.

Wait, did you mean the 1950’s?

Whatya think?