Head of Magic Business Cards

My title at Marketo was Mayor, Awesome Town. I requested it on a lark, as a joke of sorts. They let me have it. Since then, I loved giving my cards to people.

I figured I should leave Awesome Town behind with my new gig at Engagio. Now my title is Head of Magic. I think of my department as the Magic Shop. It’s both PM and UX. It’s the effort to make our products magical and special.

Ideally, I would like to hire Magicians, Witches, Wizards, Warlocks, Leprechauns, and other magical creatures. They would pair up on teams of 2-3 people and create roadmaps with designs of product areas. I would like traditional product managers to learn design principles and designers to learn go-to-market activities. I don’t want PM to dominate the UX or Engineering teams. I want joint ownership and pride.

I’d also like to hire people who want a little fun in their jobs. A little pixie dust that makes the day more interesting. Brands come from personality, not from conservative status quo decisions.

The back of the card is cool too.

That’s Gio, our pet whale. He is a pygmy killer whale. Awesome right?


5 replies on “Head of Magic Business Cards”

I’ve been reading your blog for two years now. How have I never noticed you live where I grew up? I graduated from San Mateo High, for pete’s sake! Too bad I don’t live there anymore, I’d offer to get you a beer.

@Bayley, We are closer to Hillsdale, but we like the town. 🙂
@Justin, I agree. Fake fun sucks, but design can provide real personality.

The whale is certainly charismatic. Some brands have that charm and charisma (Slack is one that comes to mind) and other don’t (Salesforce comes to mind). All other things being equal, I value the charisma. It adds delight to the experience of using a product and encourages you to engage with it more deeply.

Whatya think?