Make your LinkedIn Profile Public

I am recruiting for more UX Designers on my team.  One thing I keep seeing, surprisingly , is that people’s LinkedIn profiles are private.  If you are looking for a job, this is a bad idea.

How can you tell?

  1. Open a Chrome window in Incognito mode.  This will let you see the world through other people’s browsers.
  2. Go to your LinkedIn profile page, WITHOUT logging in.
  3. Can you see all your info?

If not, just do these steps.

  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Click Profile

  3. Click the menu to edit your settings

  4. Make it public


Please, please, just take the 2 minutes to check.  Make sure you are not making it hard on the hiring manager.

I hope this public service announcement has been helpful. 🙂


Whatya think?