Pet Peeves – 2013

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Some of my pet peeves:

  1. Kids who leave every single light in the house on when they leave for school.
  2. Wife who leaves the radio blaring at 7:30am after she leaves the house for the day.
  3. Colleagues who leave the projector on in a conference room after they leave.
  4. People who leave conference rooms messy (Chairs, whiteboards, food).
  5. Spicy food, mayonnaise, mustard – not exactly a pet peeve, but I hate them.
  6. Stuff that should be thrown away, but somehow sticks around for decades.

It’s funny how many of my pet peeves are related to keeping things clean and efficient.  I think it’s my mother’s influence.

We all have our pet peeves.  It’s good to know them.



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