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The last two years has been a major education for me in Marketing.  First at Intuit, where I felt the entire organization is run by the Marketing Department.  I felt that the main goal of marketing was to project (micro)manage incremental changes in high volume processes.  In other words, there was a marketing person in charge of the shopping cart.  Another marketing person in charge of the download process.  Another one for Quicken.  Etc etc.

I resented alot of their efforts because they did not let the designers help the process.  Rather they assumed that design was subjective and their opinion counted just as much as anyone else’s.  In the end the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) ruled the day.  Anyway, the point is the “marketing” at Intuit was not about generating demand at all.  It was ALL about changes to the websites or the products.

This last year, I have been at Marketo.  Marketo is launching a new marketing automation system. I have been tasked with alot of things, but one of them is to talk to all the marketing people and help them get started.  This has totally opened my eyes to the other side of marketing.  Demand generation and lead nurturing are huge issues for hundreds of thousands of businesses.  Being able to do simple things like “Send them and email and then follow up next week” is really hard when you are dealing with thousands of incoming leads.

I understand now how direct mail and pay-per-click are just the first steps in a long series of events.  I understand how events and newsletters and advertising fit in.  It has really opened my eyes and given me new found respect for the marketing field as a whole.

As UX Architect for the product, I hope that I do them right and make something that exceeds expectations.  I don’t just want to automate the mundane tasks.  I want to make it enjoyable, like a game.  I want them to have fun.  Right now, it looks like it’s alot of work.   Well, back to the task at hand.  How can I improve the world of Marketing today?

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