Mayor of Awesome Town

I had a form in front of me for business cards.  I put Senior Director, User Experience.  I didn’t want to.  I wanted to put down, Mayor, Awesome Town.  Why did I chicken out?  Why did I go normal?  Ugh, I am looking at my card now and deeply feel the regret.

What title do you wish was on your business card?  Why don’t you try?  No one ever checks these things.  Does fear of being unaccepted or different stop you from doing something unique and wonderful?  I stop myself most of the time.  I think, “This isn’t awesome, this is stupid and people will laugh at me.”

Own your fear and you will become one with the universe.  When I am one with the universe my business card will say, Mayor of Awesome Town.  I can’t wait!

Whatya think?