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I think I want to buy a mini-laptop. ¬†Recently, I gave the older laptop to the boys to use as their computer. ¬†I used their old computer for spare parts to make my mother-in-laws computer come back to life. (Make sure your computer signs it’s organ donor card today)

So I have been left without a spare laptop.  I used that one for presentations and for trips.  Mainly I would be checking email, instant messaging and reading my news feed during these times and a full blown laptop is too much.  However, I need to also give presentations, so a smartPhone is too small.  I need something in the middle.  A mini-laptop.

Dell has this model which is under $300. ¬†1 gig of ram, 8″ screen, very light, 4 hours of battery. Comes with 8G of HD, but for $40, you get 16G. Webcam built in for $25. ¬†The only bad thing is 802.11g not N. ¬†Modified, $364 plus tax/shipping.

I am new to this market, so I am still exploring.

Amazon has an Acer Aspire that is similar for around the same price.  It has a much larger hard drive, but its not solid state, its a real laptop HD.  Probably affects battery life alot.

Amazon has this Asus model that has a slighly larger screen.

I’ll keep exploring, but I think I am going to buy one of these in the next week or so. ¬†The price is good and I HAVE TO HAVE ONE. ¬†Whoops…did my geeky nature get out there a little too much. ¬†Sorry.



  1. As someone who has used all these models you mentioned, let me give a little bit of advice:

    If you do a lot of typing, the keyboards on the Dell and the Asus EEEPc will drive you crazy.

    The Asus’ keyboard is way too small, and the Dell’s non-standard placement of keys is a pain in the butt.

    Either the Acer Aspire you mentioned of the very nice HP Mini 1000 will be your best bet — both of them have normal-sized keyboards.

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