Video Testimonial

One sign that you are doing something right is the willingness of your customers to reccomend you.  Some do this with a statement, some a twitter, and some just by word of mouth.  The most powerful testamonial is on video.  This is the most personal kind of reccomendation.  The person is putting their face online for everyone to see and saying how great you are.

I was shocked and excited at how many Marketo customers were willing to put their faces on video to sing our praises.  This kind of inspiration can be the foundation of a great company.

Think about products you absolutely love.  Which ones would you be willing to put your face on a video for and evangelize their goodness?  For me, I can only name a couple:

  1. WordPress.  This is my favorite piece of software.  I would do it for them.
  2. Reach Ultraclean.  I have it in my pocket more often than I have my cell phone.
  3. Donald Norman’s books.  I drank the kool-aid.
  4. jQuery.  It’s open source, like WordPress, but jQuery is a miracle drug that cures all wounds.
  5. ExtJS.  I have become a big fan of this product.

In your own work, aspire to greatness.  Try to make your efforts worthy of a video testimonial.  What products would you give a video testimonial?

Whatya think?