Mollom Spam Blocker

It looks like my WP-Spam plugin was getting false positives and blocking some users.  It “might” be that it was conflicting with my MCE Comments Plugin.  So I turned off both and took this as an opportunity to try out a new spam blocker plugin.  I will turn on MCE Comments again at some point in the future.

The plugin I am trying is called Mollom.  I had to sign up for a subscription and get public/private keys.  Quite a lot to get rid of spam.  However, if it works well and doesn’t block people unduly, then I will be happy.  The interface is minimal, but it shows you spam statitics over time.  It’s just been one day, so I am unsure if it will also report false positives.

If you happen to find a false positive, please let me know.  You could tweet it with my name or send me email (glenlipka) – gmail.

Whatya think?