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Have you noticed these new little buttons on Google search?


These are pretty interesting considering I haven’t really heard one blip from Google on the actual utility of this feature.  I tried clicking on a few of them.  Either it is affecting my own personal search ordering or they are keeping track.  Notice how it says on the left that 1 person (me) gave that link a thumbs up.  This seems to have pretty big implications for Search Engine Optimization.  It means that if hundreds of people promote something, Google might take that as a way to deal with search ordering.  Do a search for Glen Lipka and promote that link.  Does it say 1 or more?  What the heck is Google doing here?

Should I find all my competitors and click the down arrow?  Is this some sort of Digg wanna-be?  Who has the answers?

Check out the little “comment” bubble.  I clicked that and it allowed me to make a public comment.  Holy crap!  Who can actually see that?  Can I slam my competitors with comments?

The User Experience of this whole thing is a little nerve wracking.  Google is blurring the line (in a bad way) between public and private.  Affordances (so say the Norman) are there.  Buttons are meant to be clicked.  Comment boxes are meant to be typed in.  Where is this going to go?  Something about it is very disturbing considering it is in front of billions of people every single day.

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I think this might have escaped your radar, there was a huge fuss about it a couple months back. Just do a search for “searchwiki”.

But here’s the official page when it was but an experiment:

[Don’t Cha love it? Experiment and validate! 🙂 ]

And here’s the official blog post:

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