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I’ve been using Windows 7 on my home computer (Dell Precision 380), work (Dell Dimension 9200) and an old laptop (Dell Latitude D610).  I haven’t put it in Katie’s laptop or the kids computer.  Overall, there is a decent amount to like.  Responsiveness is probably the number one thing.  Some UI enhancements are welcome, but it’s the speed that I crave.

However, I bumped into a nasty problem.  The video drivers on the Dell Latitude D610 apparently are jacked.  Specifically, the drivers are for the Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family.  They just don’t work right.  Every time I play ANY video, the machine freezes up.  I can find other people with the problem, but not a solution.  I think we just need updated drivers from Intel.

There is a possibility that they will NOT provide them, even though the machine runs fine on Windows 7.  This is because they want me to buy a new laptop (which is out of the question).  This would suck because there is nothing wrong with this laptop.  I am hoping that Windows 7 Beta 2 will possibly have this worked out.

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I had a similar problem, after running Windows Update and installing the Intel update for the Video driver.
What happens is that when I am running the computer on battery, the laptop works fine… until I open a window! Then the display becomes all white if I close all the windows and hit FN+F8 (which forces a screen refresh) then the screen gradually comes back to normal.. until I open another window.

I tried installing Windows 7 on my Dell D610, but I couldn’t get the video to display in 1400×800 mode. Apparently, there aren’t any Vista drivers available for the D610 to do this. Were you able to go to the native 1400×800 mode on your D610? If so, how did you do it?


Ok, fixed the problem. I also have a Dell D610 with an Intel 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset. Whatever I did I couldn’t get the right drivers installed. And the standard drivers from MS only let me use a screenres of 1280×1024 while my screensres for optimal performance is 1400*1050. Such a great resolution.

I download the (xp)driver from Intels website at:

Then I ran it in

Weird site. But to finish the solution:

Then I ran it in Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibily-mode.
You achieve this click rightmouse-button on the file and select

properties and select the tab compatibility.

Goodluck to all you D610 owners…

Aaargh – The Netherlands

Thanks, Aaargh, for blazing the trail.

Worked for me with an old Dell Optiplex 170L (a computer with awful display driver support from Dell). It’s got the integrated Intel 82865G Graphics Controller. My problem was that only 60Hz refresh rate was supported, and that rate kills my eyes.

My goal was to get this old box up and running with Windows 7 at a refresh rate that was comfortable. I don’t care too much if I damage the machine.

I mimicked your steps:

1. Went to the Intel downloadcenter ( and searched for 82865
2. Selected the “Intel 82865G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) and chose Windows XP Professional as the OS and downloaded the exe installer.
3. Tried to run it directly and got the “Your OS is not supported” message.
4. Right-clicked the installer, select ‘Properties,’ compatibility, and selected Windows XP SP2.
5. Ran the installer. After it ran it showed me the same disappointing list of supported modes with only “default refresh rate”. There was also a long pause with dark screen that made me think bad thoughts.
6. Rebooted, Windows 7 came up, this time I right-clicked desktop and selected screen resolution and then ‘advanced settings’. Supported modes now had all the modes I wanted. Chose 32-bit colors with 72Hz refresh rate and it was beautiful.

I also have a Dell Latitude D610 running Windows 7 RC1. I tried installing the XP Intel driver in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2. I still got the “white screen” problem when on battery power. I did find the solution, however. What I did was:

1. Right-click on the desktop
2. Choose “Graphics Properties…” – this opens the Intel software
3. On the left, click on “Display Settings”
4. Click the “Power Settings” button
5. Uncheck all Intel power options
6. Click “Apply”, then “OK”
7. Click “Apply”, then “OK” one more time
8. Go to battery power and try opening a window

This worked for me. Hopefully this helps someone else that is having the same difficulty.


Thanks Scott! So far that has worked for me.
It was getting anoying having to keep my D610 in the dock. My power connection onboard stopped working, but it still charges while in the dock.

I have a D610 and Win 7 as well. It runs fine while its plugged in to the power supply, but as soon as I try to run the laptop from the battery. my display is all jacked up. My uncle, who previously worked for Microsoft, suggested a new battery. When that didn’t work, he claimed it was the display driver, and that even though Win 7 RC DOESN’T have the update, he thinks that the full release version will have the update.

I have Dell Latitude D610 with Win 7. I could not install the proper video driver for Win 7. Therefore, Aero Peak is not working in Win 7 due to problem of Display Driver. Please suggest me that what should do or from where I can get the Display driver for Win 7. However I have also display driver for Win XP.

Official windows 7 driver for 915 chipset is at Windows Update Catalog.
Use this one, forget tricks and unofficial things.

Navigate with IE8 to here

and install plugin. Then type Intel Intel 915GM

Then go to device manager, update driver, Select the option to “Search for Drivers on my Computer” and point it to where you downloaded the file. Then “Manually Select a Driver” Finally Select Display Adapters and the 915 Driver is there

manosdoc –
ldavies83 –


Thanks buddy. Your method worked like a charm. One problem though, I already purchased a new video card and it’s on it’s been shipped already. Oh well, one can never have too much PC parts.

i am using compaq presario SR1930IL. where shall i get the drivers for windows 7 like audio drive and video drive…. please somebody help me….

Ok… so, I’ve tried it all with no results. Inspiron Dell with Win 7, and the system wont run any updated drivers unless it’s the standard driver. There goes my gaming life. Anyone out there have a new solution or do I need to result in getting a new video card?

i am using acer aspire 2000 . while using xp i used ati mobility radeon 9200 drver..
but now um using win7 nd um not getting any supported software for graphics driver… can ne1 help me by any solution????/

i have a dell optiplex 170l and i just putted windows 7 ultimate and with 1 gb ram but my screen resolution is something 640*840 something and the screen is fat loking it looks ugly what should i doo ? i cant find the driver ? please help mee thanks ?

hey aa,

I have already gone into that that site “microsoft update catalog” last time, around a year ago, when i have downloaded that driver. And yeah that intel driver 915gm chipset is there. I already got one but I forgot to backup that driver when I reformatted my laptop. I went again on that site and search for that driver but it seems that driver is gone now. I would just like to ask if you have any backup of that driver? I know that it is inside a folder when it is downloaded. If you have any, could I request if you could post a link where I could download that driver. I would really appreciate it much..

Thanks.. hope you would reply with a link.

I have upgraded to windows 7 all I need is the drivers,can anybody tell me where to get the downloads other than microsoft,or dell need help thanks

I have Dell Latitude D820 with Win 7. I could not install the proper video driver for Win 7. Please suggest me that what should do or from where I can get the Display driver for Win 7. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help out my problm

Oui, c’est parfait, merci! Avec proprietés et le mode de compatibilité Win XP SP2 j’ai bien pu installer les pilotes dans le optiplex 170L avec Win 7. Merci!

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