My Designer Software Kit

It’s fun to set up a new computer. I have the new Dell XPS 13 running Windows 10 (insider fast track). The resolution is a ridiculous 3200×1800. If a program doesn’t have proper scaling it looks itty bitty. So anyway, I set up my new machine. Here is a list of my desktop software: (doesn’t include any web software like WordPress, Trello, etc)

  1. Google Drive Desktop App – Great service
  2. Slack Desktop App – No more email!
  3. Photoshop
  4. Microsoft Office 2016
  5. Icons8 – my new favorite icon system
  6. Firefox – Chrome is great, but I am trying Firefox these days
  7. MalwareBytes
  8. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  9. Pixeur – color picker
  10. Snagit – screen capture
  11. Skyfonts – for installing lots of fonts
  12. Trillian – instant messenger

I don’t use any other Adobe products, but I am interested in this new Comet thing. I don’t use Sketch because I don’t use a Mac.

That’s it. I do half my design on pencil/paper and never bring it into meetings. The laptop doesn’t make great design. Designers make do great thing stuff.  (I’m tired apparently – goodnight!)

Whatya think?