Slack: Life without Email

I often told people that Eloqua had more functionality than Marketo. I also said it didn’t matter. Marketo beat Eloqua for a different reason. It wasn’t what you could do, but HOW you could do it.

UX Rule #12: It’s not how many things you can do, it’s HOW you can get them done. It’s the experience.

A couple of years ago Salesforce released Chatter as a company-wide messaging and collaboration tool. I hated it. The experience sucked. The technology sucked. It ended up that very few people outside of sales used it. It didn’t replace email or even instant messaging. It turned into lameware. (Software that only lame people used.)

Enter Slack. Slack is a wonderful experience from head-to-toe. It has personality, functionality and polish. It has desktop, mobile and web versions. It has plenty of plugins. Slack is taking off like a rocket.

What is Slack? For old people, it’s IRC with a nice graphical experience. For young people, it’s like a private Twitter for groups. The group could be your friends or your company. It will store photos and other files as well as text. It has channels and direct messages. You kinda have to use it to get the love.

Here is the kicker. For decades, my go-to program at work has been Outlook. In short, I use email to communicate. With Slack, for the first time, I have stopped emailing. I literally have nothing to say on email and have moved all of my comments directly to Slack, either to the whole group or just an individual. It has truly replaced my use of email.

It may not seem like it, but this is a BFD. Email has been my primary way to communicate for over 20 years. Instant messenger is good, but for work, I always came back to email. Now, I have gone cold turkey. No more email. Just slack.

Boggle. Why aren’t you as excited as me??  Maybe you just haven’t used it yet.

NOTE: For those who have been using Slack for a while and want to be Smug saying, “I was cool before you!”, please comment the word SMUG and I will know. Thank you.

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