My gifted boys

The three of them are doing great.  Ethan is reading chapter books like The Hobbit!  He is also doing 3rd grade math, like long multiplication.  I taught him how to read a clock in one sitting.  Jared is starting to read phonics books.  Katie tells me the other parents think Jared is naturally gifted in athletics.  Matthew, who has been impressing parents with his expertise on the Razor Scooter, has upgraded to a bicycle with training wheels.  Today was his 4th trip to the park with me to practice.  He can steer now and pedal on his own.  Each time he gets better and better.

Today, we watched the Indy Colts beat the New England "Evil-Doers" patriots. What a game!!!  The Colts were down 21-3 in the first quarter!  They made an unbelievable comeback to win it 38-34!  I wish that was the superbowl.  It was a classic game.  Just awesome!

During the game, all three boys were wrestling and beating each other to a pulp.  My voice is hoarse from trying to separate them.  They are like magnets to each other.  I am trying to teach Ethan the fundamentals of leadership, especially with his brothers.  I think he can be a superstar, but he needs to learn teamwork and how to inspire other people.

Example:  Jared was noted for being able to do a thing in gymnastics.  Ethan says, "I could do that too!"  He needs to learn to be encouraging to his brother and friends.

Overall, I am so thrilled by the three of them.  I can't wait until Matthew is potty-trained and they can all play tennis a little better.  I am really excited for the day when Matt and I play Ethan and Jared and it's competitive!

Whatya think?